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Charisma Capelli – Reverse Cowgirl

Charisma Capelli is doing the best thing she knows how….being a slut. She fucks this guy reverse cowgirl, right in the kitchen. She’s one of those whores that likes to be naked. She likes to show off her body and let her fake tits bounce in the air.

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Charisma Loves Fat PP

Charisma Capelli loves the dick. I mean that is obvious! If she didn’t, she wouldn’t be in the business. However, there is nothing like a fat dick for Charisma. She thrives on pleasing huge cocks. Look at the way she grips this thing. I bet she looks so good with this going down her throat and then with it splitting her pussy open. Keep up the good work Charisma!

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Charisma Capelli – Money Shot

Charisma Capelli loves cum being blasted all over her gorgeous face.  Charisma knows that the best way to end a steamy hardcore fucking session is by taking a money shot.  Charisma doesn’t need to wear makeup, she’s the kind of girl that wouldn’t mind a fresh load of cum on her face all the time to decorate it instead.

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No Panties!

charisma capelli bend over

I love it when sexy ladies bend over right in front of me with no panties on.  Every hot girl should never wear panties!  Charisma has such a juicy, delicious ass.  Yum!

charisma capelli posing

Charisma’s luscious tits make her a sex goddess I could jerk off to 24-7.  Her sweet face and her curvy body make me instantly hard.  She could crawl on her hands and knees into my bedroom anytime.

charisma bangbros

Charisma Capelli starred in a sexy group sex movie for and put on quite a sex show.  Check her out here, sticking her juicy ass out and showing off her tanned and perky fake tits from the side.  She has a look in her eyes like she wants to gobble some cock whole!

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Charisma Capelli – Caught On Tape!

charisma capelli threesome in publicCharisma Capelli is one naughty porn star, but her friends are just as kinky!  Check her out having a good time showing off her sexy naked body to her pals, but instead of just coping a feel or getting turned on, they film her to save the memory!  I mean, if you had an ass like that in front of you, you’d never want to forget it either.

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Charisma Capelli Likes To Party!

charisma capelli boob sqeeze

Check out this scandalous paparazzi shot of Charisma Capelli at some club looking drunk, sexy, and horny as hell.  This dude definitely lucked out, grabbing a giant handful of Charisma’s breasts and shaking them around for the camera.  This candid moment at the nightclub is definitely well appreciated.


Charisma Capelli is so sexy!  Check her out here on the red carpet of a fashion show at the Cabana Club in Hollywood, CA.  What a fine ass celebrity.  Fuck Paris Hilton, Charisma Capelli knows how to film a sex tape better than that other chick could ever imagine…AND she rocks the red carpet too!